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Monday, March 21, 2016

Quick Dinner - Sausage and Beans

Another quick recipe today. Just a mix of things that seem tasty together and ended up really tasty together.

If you don't like sausage you can substitute it with other things. Some tasty things to substitute would be paprika and lemon marinated chicken or sliced up field mushrooms.

Very quick to cook up. I had it all prepped after work and had time for a nap before I cooked it in time for the other half to return home.


  • 2 - 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 red onion, diced
  • 1 cup of mixed frozen corn and peas
  • 2x can 425g of four bean mix
  • 8 sausages, grilled (not quite cooked all the way so the centre is just about raw) and sliced up
  • Steamed veggies and rice to serve
Timing wise, I got the sausages grilling as I prepped the onion and garlic. Then got the rice cooking. By the time I had finished all of that, the sausages were nicely browned on the outside and they had time to cool before I sliced it.

To cook, brown and soften the onion then add the garlic and cook until aromatic. Then add the sausages and cook so the flavours are all nicely mixed together.

Add the frozen peas and corn. Cook until it's warmed through and then add the beans.  Season to your liking with salt and pepper and cook for a few more minutes until everything is warm.

Serve with rice and a side of steamed vegetables. I like to add some minced garlic and minced mint to my steamed veggies for additional flavour.


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