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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another week Another Thursday

Productivity vs Time vs Convenience 

I was thinking on the bus ride home today, how different the past week has been compared to the previous weeks of my life. I am a very "productive" kind of oriented person. All of the minutes of my day are spent being productive or thinking about ways I can be productive. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean I'm a workaholic and only do serious things, but productive in the sense I must always be doing something.

Then there comes the majority of the time where I'm also doing multiple things because it always feels like I'm never productive enough. I don't spend a lot of time on downtime/relax time during the week but I've learnt to give myself downtime on the weekend.

But also because I spend my weekends at my boyfriend's house instead of my own and have realized that if I don't take productive things to his house, I tend to relax a lot more and spend my time split between RPGs on the PS3 and Sims 3 on my computer. Both of which, I think, are fun ways to also be productive.

When I am at home though, I'm always on the go with things I need to do. Right now, while I'm blogging, I have two crochet projects in front of me demanding my attention and I have a drama waiting for me to watch that's queued for when I start crocheting and two designs in my head demanding to be written out as well as some emails that I've been meaning to respond to for a few days now. I composed this blog on the walk home from the bus, ready to type as I jumped on my computer.

My newest Etsy additions~
The the thing I spent the majority of the bus ride today thinking about was time vs convenience vs my productivity. Next week I go back to working 10 hour shifts at my job. I work 4 days a week of this so that I can have one day off each week to do my own thing...that is...make more toys. But this drastically cuts down the amount of time I have each day to be productive and I feel like if I don't reach a productivity level, I haven't done enough in my life.

The dilemma I face is whether I catch the bus to work in the morning and have to leave my house at 5am...which means I wake up at 4:30...or if I drive to the train station and park my car in the morning which means I can sleep until about 5:15.

This means I also had to weigh up other things. Driving my car means I need to pay petrol, Transperth has also decided that all parking at the train station is now paid parking and if I take the train in to work then I can catch a ride home with my brother after work which means I save on both petrol and a train fare.

It's strange that writing it down, I can see that it's worth waking up that little bit earlier to save a lot of money but somehow when you're waking up in the early hours of the morning that extra half hour of sleep can mean so so much. But what made me really decide to catch the bus next week instead of drive to the train station?

Being stuck on a bus and train for that amount of time in the morning really forces me to unwind and stop. I mentally am still going but physically I can't do anything for that bus ride. I am forced to entertain myself with my tablet or sit there and stare out the window at the passing scenery and just be with my thoughts. Right now, I'm struggling to keep typing while my hands want to reach out and pick up crochet hooks or go outside and pick up some cooking utensils. When I am given the option I want to go and do everything.

Also, I've realized that my "Go Go Go!" attitude in life affects me negatively. When I am hit with large amounts of inspiration the first things to go in my life are sleep, relaxation and exercise. The sleep part I am trying to fix by setting myself a "Go to sleep" alarm each night. It's not always helpful but at least I try.

Catching public transport, though is the biggest thing actually helping me with everything else. The public transport ride means I can focus on relaxing. I don't feel as guilty playing games due to the fact that I can't do anything else and I don't like crocheting on the move. I also am forced to exercise...the walk to the bus that early in the morning is much longer than my walk to the bus when I start later on in the day.

The next project!
Then there's all the good and wonderful things about wasting less petrol, less bad things going into the air coz of my car and letting someone else have a parking spot at the train station.

I'm sure I've missed some good points. What other arguments are there when it comes to Convenience vs Time (Car vs Public Transport)?

And that is my mental ramble for the week. Hopefully next week I can be more coherent than I have this week. I've also got some cooking and some patterns in store. I haven't decided what next week's Friday pattern is yet. Hopefully something will come to me soon though~

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