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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays : What makes an Artist?

I get to thinking a lot about what makes an artist and whether or not I really could classify myself as an artist. When I think of an artist I think of all my wonderful friends who can draw really beautiful pieces of artwork. They create original pieces which are inspired by things around them and I really wish that I could be like that sometimes.  I create things that are based on other people's creations. I am inspired by all the fandoms that I am a part of as well as all the fandoms I'm not a part of but my friends love and their love inspires me.

My current WIP. 
I have a real hard time creating originals because I don't think I'm a very creative person. I'm not artistic and can sit down in front of my yarn and think of a beautiful mythical creature and then create it out of the materials at hand. I wish I could, but it's not a talent that I have and I don't feel like it's a talent I can build. However, I can sit in front of other people's art and create their visions out of yarn.

There is a big part of myself that believes being able to do that can be considered artistic in a sense but there is also a contradictory side of myself that refuses to believe that what I do can be considered "art".

We can argue though, that even though I can create other people's artwork close to what they imagine, I can also deviate out onto a little cutesy design It's not a skill that I have focused on very much in the past but recently, it has come to the fore front. It all started with the little turtles.

Available in my etsy shop~
But can that be considered art? What makes an artist? At what point can you turn around to the next person you talk to and declare yourself to be an artist?

Well, those are some questions which I still haven't figured out the answer to but there is one story that I can consider when I sit down and think about this issue. It is that at the last convention here, I was in the artists alley amongst all the other wonderful artists and looking at the drawings they were selling. At this point there was a conversation happening between myself and my friend, whom I share a table with discussing whether or not what I do is considered art.

A person dressed up in a pirate outfit walked past and overheard the conversation and told me something that I think might stick with me. He told me that my creations were definitely considered art and that would mean that I was an artist. And when I sell my creations to people then that makes me a professional artist.

It was something that I have never considered before. Now if you ask me the next time you see me, whether or not I do consider myself an artist...I will probably still tell you that I'm not sure. It is probably an issue that will come to mind a lot on and off and it'll probably be a decision that will never be made. Either way, that one memory that happened at the convention will stick for a very very long time.

The smallest things in life are the ones that sometimes make all the difference.

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