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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Moving stores and New completed Plush!

 Lately I have been thinking long and hard about whether I would prefer to sell my toys through Etsy or through Storenvy. Both of the platforms have been great to me and I've spent a good amount of time on each of them. Both of the store fronts have pros and cons but in the end I have decided to move my products back to Etsy. And there were quite a few things that influenced my decision.

Listing wide, I prefer the layout of Etsy. I think it looks cleaner and is easier to navigate through and has an easy to see feedback system. In Storenvy, there is the ability to list variations per listing as well as how many of each variation there are. The variation part is available in Etsy but you can't specify how many of each you have in stock which I find a little bit sad but it's manageable and in the end I suppose I could always list each one separately if I want to have stock levels but then that pushes up fees which I am trying to avoid.

That being said, if I was trying to avoid fees all together, I would have stayed on Storenvy because there weren't fees to sell through that website. Which was great. But what really brought me back to Etsy is the fact that even though I can't connect directly through to Facebook and have a storefront app attached, Etsy has a better feel for handmade items. People who go to Etsy are specifically looking for lovingly made items or supplies to make their own hand made products. There is a clear category for where my items should fit and the support there is wonderful. Storenvy has felt more like a more commercial area with people selling a lot of brand name or manufactured items amongst the handmade so I felt a little lost. There was also no clear area where I could slot my toys into.

This is a photo of all the toys I sold at my second convention. Most of these creations have found their own home now and I'm so glad!

Moving back to Etsy felt like I was freeing myself back into the land of the handmade and I think that's where I belong with my toys.

That being said, I am currently working on so many projects that I'm not sure where to begin. There are two more animal crossing characters on my crochet list, a bleach character and a cat. There are a few pokemon which have been waiting on my list so long I wonder if they're getting sad they haven't been created yet.

Next week is the start of my Free Fortnightly pattern on Fridays! Where I'll either release a quick small pattern or I'll write a big pattern and release it in parts over a few fortnights but I thought that would be a fun thing for me to do. I probably won't release another one as big as growlithe here but I won't be taking him down. I might make a Growly mk II at some point though!

My dream is still to release every single pokemon as a pattern in my lifetime so that everyone can make them too :)

But for now I'm so proud that I've just finished another gift for a friend of mine. I am considering making another one for my store if anybody is interested!

I hope everyone else thinks he's adorable too!

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