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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update! Apologies!

Hey everyone!!

I haven't been here very much and I'm so sorry. I should keep this place up to date and write about the things that have been happening. Lately, a lot has been happening in my personal life. They're not bad things, in fact they're very positive things. I'm making changes to my lifestyle so that I have time to crochet and design as well as exercise.

Trying to stay positive when you're leading a very busy lifestyle can be difficult sometimes but it's really helpful to have positive energy around and the people with the right mindset helping you through. I really enjoy what I do with my life and I'm starting to channel that enjoyment more into my crochet than previously.

Despite not updating here, much I have been putting through quite a few updates on my tumblr.  But I'll have a recap here of what I have done recently.

I have updated my storenvy shop recently with things like my Sylveon hat.

And my Animal Crossing baby, Merengue

And I have released more patterns into my Ravelry page. It's been quite exciting finally writing up patterns again and releasing them. I hope my Growlithe tutorial is helping you all decide what kind of techniques you like to use on your creations.

My favourite creation by far lately has been my poliwag though.

He was a request from a friend of mine and was the first plush I've made to completely use my new needlefelting techniques more than ever.  I am so happy with the way he has turned out and I hope that my friend gives him a wonderful home next to the jigglypuff she received last time.

And speaking of, you know, I am so happy that I've finally caught up with commission.

This little guy took a little longer than I was hoping for:

I am so happy with the way he has turned out though. He was my first foray into needlefelt. The eyes and the little decoration on the front of his face. This is what prompted me into being able to make toys like poliwag and merengue.

Does anybody else have any techniques that would make everything look even cuter? I would love to know what you all do on your toys. :)

With that, my commission list is open up again. So if anybody would like a commission, please feel free to email or note me.

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