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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Restaurant Visit: Nobu

A short while ago I went to Crown Burswood and saw a wonderful show put together by a group of magicians. To cap off the trip though, we went and had dinner at Nobu which was a wonderful place to go eat. The only thing that irked me just a little bit was the strange way they welcomed you into the restaurant.

I understand that it is custom to welcome the guest with a hearty yell of irasshaimase when you walk into a restaurant...but I find it distinctly odd that the people at the front counter don't welcome you, then you get lead through a room quietly and then the waiter that initially brought you from the front door into the adjoined room then YELLS it out to the room and it echoes around.

...it's strange. At least tell it to us at the front counter as well if you're going to do that.

Anyway...onto the food part. The food itself was wonderful.

Scallop tiradito $21

First thing that came out was the scallop tiradito. This was absolutely delicious. I had to be reminded to not touch it and take a photo because I immediately wanted to devour it when it came to the table. That, and I was hungry by the time it came to this meal.

Mushroom Soup $10

I didn't know what to expect from the mushroom soup but the broth was so nice and light I wish I knew the recipe for this because I would eat this every night. Also contained four different types of mushroom.

Prawn tempura $10
This prawn tempura came on a bed of vegetables which was very needed in this meal as there wasn't much vegetation with our orders that night. There was also a really nice light tangy dressing on the salad underneath which meant we also ate all of the salad (not that it takes much for us to do that anyway).

Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Crispy Spinach $32
 The fish was cooked perfectly and the dressing beneath it made the fish delicious. There was also a nice crispy skin that was on the fish that made it even better to eat. I didn't care much for the crispy spinach though. It had a slightly bitter taste and a texture I didn't like. Would have much enjoyed it if the spinach was just wilted or served in any other way than just fried. But the fish was amazing so...I think it wasn't a completely disappointing dish.

Hot Chocolate Mousse $18
And of course we had to finish with a dessert. Out of all of the ones on the menu, this one seemed most appealing. I didn't enjoy it but that's only because I don't like dark chocolate. (My boyfriend regularly calls me a heathen). The gingerbread ice cream, hazelnut streusal and the oranges with the japanese pumpkin was all very delicious. I just didn't eat any of the dark chocolate mousse that was in the centre which my partner didn't mind as he said it was absolutely delicious and ate it completely.

All in all the dining experience at Nobu was completely worth it and the food was also very much worth what we paid for it. I would definitely go back and try the rest of their menu.

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