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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pokemon #58 - Growlithe [Part 5 - Final]

And here we are in the final phase of the growlithe. On hindsight I should have sewn on the black before sewing on the tail because some of the tail overlaps the black but that's okay! If you are reading along with this you can learn from my not quite planning ahead.

I am not going to have a pattern for the black lines on there because I think the black lines on a growlithe should be unique to each mon.

The way I did the black lines is I chained together a random amount of stitches in black DK weight yarn (half the weight of the yarn I used for the rest of growlithe) and then crochet'd a few rows. I then used the tail I left to sew it on.

To make the V shaped black on the front, I crocheted two rows, then I chained an amount that was similar to the rows I crocheted. On the way back I crocheted across the short end of the previous row and that created a V. Or you can crochet two small rectangles and sew them together to form a V.

To get around the tail part, I just sewed it down where I could.

I do, however, have the instructions for the front fluff. Now...with the front fluff I have written it all in single crochet. Because I am not going to write down specifics of where I changed from single crochet to loop stitch. Otherwise you will all have a really complicated pattern to follow like the body.

Chest Fluff
Round 1. In the 2nd ch from the hook, SCx6 (6)
Round 2. 2SCx6 (12)
Round 3. [2SC, SC]x6 (18)

Round 4. [2SC, SCx2]x6 (24)
Round 5. [2SC, SCx3]x6 (30)
Round 6. [2SC, SCx4]x6 (36)
Round 7 - 9. SCx24 (24, 3 rounds)
Leave a long tail and complete like the tail fluff. Sew it onto the body with the open side facing up. This doesn't need to be stuffed.

The trick with the front fluff is that half of each round will be LS and half will be SC. As long as they roughly stack up in the same half of the round it will be fine.

Nobody will notice since you are going to brush it all out and then sew it onto the chest of the growlithe.

Finally, you have the little claws on the front feet and the pads underneath the feet.

Feet Pads
With white DK yarn
Round 1. In the 2nd ch from the hook, SCx6 (6)
Round 2. 2SCx6 (12)
Then sew under each foot

With white DK yarn
Round 1. In the 2nd ch from the hook, SCx6 (6)
Round 2. SCx6
Flatten and sew two to each of the front paws.

And there you have it. A completed growlithe.

Happy crocheting!

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